The Typography of Brixton

By 08-09-17 March 16th, 2018 Competition, On the street, Talk, Wall Art
Brixton Design Trail - Untranslation


Sam Furness and Toni Hollis bring untranslatable words to life from all cultures and countries. This installation will take over the flag filled rafters of the iconic Brixton Village and Market Row spaces and transform them into a cultural design dictionary. Each untranslatable word will be set against a flag design inspired by the visual culture and design history of the country that language belongs too.


Brixton Create Space will be an interactive space for members of the general public to engage in the concept of ‘Love is Power’ through the creation of artwork. By creating and making we learn new skills, change our perspective and can feel real joy thus creating positive feelings about ourselves and each other. Chill Create would like to open up the practices of typography, illustration, screen printing and photography to people of all ages who may not have had the opportunity to explore their creativity.


Dalton Maagan, independent type foundry based in Brixton, London and São Paulo, Brazil, will present insights into its collaboration with the BBC on the development of BBC Reith, a multi-function typographic system which serves as a brand, information, and reading typeface with particular optimization for legibility on screen.

Browse a pop-up installation and attend a talk on the typeface’s design and development. At The Department Store, doors will open at 7pm on Thursday 21st, order your tickets in advance.


Influenced by the Adam Curtis documentary – Hypernormalisation, Re-flections Brixton holds up a mirror to reflect echo our behaviour and environment. It is an interactive installation that takes us through the looking glass of prespective, turning passive passers by into active participants.

Throughout history the looking glass has been used to impart a moral message. Mirrors have also traditonally helped artists, like Leonardo Da Vinci to gain a different perspective on their work, giving the ; highlighting flaws that might otherwise be missed by the naked eye. Each mirror is a letter building up a random notes styled large scale piece to take in from all angles.

This piece encourages the public to participate in an online photographic competition at #reflections_brixton

The best Photograph will win the prize below of a Ltd edition Bowie Bolt Mirror.