Flash crossings by Eley Kishimoto & Phil Dolman


The newest addition to Brixton’s flash crossings has appeared overnight, this time on Coldharbour Lane between Windrush Square and Brixton Road. It joins the four existing crossings that have been a familiar sight at the junction between Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road since being installed during Brixton Design Trail in 2016.

The distinctive Flash pattern, designed by Eley Kishimoto, has been a regular feature of Brixton Design Trail since it began. The collaboration between Eley Kishimoto and Dolman Bowles created the ‘pavement rug’ outside the tube, which welcomed visitors to the first Brixton Design Trail in 2014.

Use of the graphic soon evolved into marking pedestrian crossings, both serving a functional purpose to increase awareness between pedestrian and driver, as well as making a visual impact on the streets of Brixton, “We really wanted to do something permanent that would be a lasting investment.” said Phil Dolman of Dolman Bowles. The crossings were recognised in the Design Week awards this year when they were shortlisted for an award in the wayfinding and environmental graphics category.

Installed at prominent junctions at the heart of Brixton, the crossings also pay tribute to the local significance of the crossroads, having ‘a history marked by trading, transport, riots and landmark pubs, and is now at the centre of Brixton’s resurgence as a cultural hotspot,” said the designers.