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Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep

Times: To be confirmed

Tickets: http://BDT18.eventbrite.com

Central Brixton
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LDF event

Talks, workshops and events all week explore how technology, ecology, culture and protest can build a more positive future. SOCIETY × SW9 will be joyful, challenging and mind-expanding in equal measure; we’ll mine the past and imagine the future. We’ll think, laugh, and most importantly: act.

Brixton and Beyond Symposium
Thursday 20th Sept 6PM – 8PM at Lambeth Town Hall Assembly Hall
Brixton’s creative community slug it out with the ‘establishment’ as artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers and more pitch their vision for Brixton against that of politicians, planners, construction and finance. This will be a no-holds-barred opportunity to have the difficult conversations we}re usually excluded from. Let battle commence!

The BDT Pub Quiz
Wednesday 19th Sept 7PM – 10PM Upstairs at Market House
Brush up on your architecture, anarchy and antiestablishment general knowledge, it’s the fiendishly fabulous Brixton Design Trail Pub Quiz. And you can win a brilliant, locally-sourced sustainable hamper.

Design Your Own Protest!
Sunday 16th Sept 1PM – 5PM at Brixton Community Base
Inspired by 1968’s Atelier Populaire, and the later Camden Poster Workshop, participants will be invited to workshop, write, design and realise climate change protest materials which will be used in ensuing direct actions.

Vegan Work it Out!
Monday 17th Sept 8PM – 9.30PM at The Prince of Wales
Brixton street photographer Luke Forsythe discusses what it takes to capture the spirit of a community to film (or pixels).

A Community in Step
24h on Atlantic Road
Brixton street photographer Luke Forsythe discusses what it takes to capture the spirit of a community to film (or pixels).

The Writing Shed
All Week 10AM – 5PM at the BDT Hub POP Fields
For the duration of BDT, visitors discover the lost art of hand-writing (and bare your soul for all to see!) in this interactive installation.

About The Edible Bus Stop
The Edible Bus Stop

The Edible Bus Stop is an award-winning landscape architecture and design consultancy. Rooted in Brixton, the Edible Bus Stop has held successful transformative events and installations for Brixton Design Trail in 2016 and 2017, which in turn has created lasting legacies. The organisation explores designs that provide a sense of place by creating landmarks, engaging with the community and starting conversations.

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