by Kofi Arts

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Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Black Cultural Archives
1 Windrush Square, SW2 1EF
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In 70th Anniversary year of Windrush, Rooted by Artist Alvin Kofi documents the variety of pioneering ventures undertaken by the Windrush generation.

The installation documents the journey of African Caribbean communities to the UK in an intergenerational exploration of what it means for the Windrush descendants ‘to belong’. A series of papier-mâché installations constructed from the stories and narratives of the time, ‘Rooted’ documents the variety of pioneering ventures undertaken by the Windrush generation as they set out to build lives, establish businesses and fulfil dreams in the UK.

The suitcase installation, uses the hibiscus flower to represent the beauty and colour of the Caribbean, its people and integration with UK culture. Each inanimate installation reflects the vibrancy and ingenuity that African Caribbean people brought to the UK.

Visitors will be invited to piece together this fascinating journey as they discover the public art installations; in the corridors of Lambeth Town Hall, the courtyard of the Black Cultural Archives and venues across Brixton. From conservative settings to the every day, each location is grounded in the history of those that walked before us.

(as part of Windrush Squared)

About Kofi Arts

Alvin Kofi is an artist whose work undoubtedly sits in its own when it comes to capturing the vision of a contemporary African-Caribbean expression. His fascination with the human form and his connection with Africa Caribbean traditions is evident in all of his work. The narrative that runs through his work highlights his awareness of the present day dilemmas faced by Africans across the diaspora.

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