People of the World
by Stephen Crawford Architects

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Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep

Times: To be confirmed

St. Matthew's Church
Brixton Hill, SW2 1JF
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The timber installation is intended to be a symbol of unity and diversity, a celebration of the local Brixton community. Arranged in a circle, twelve members (the same number as stars in the EU flag) join hands and are united in their diversity.
The project will encourage local groups to be directly involved in the design and making of the structure, gaining a sense of ownership. Artwork that has been created by individuals from the community could be displayed on the structure. This could be the canopy element, stretched between timber beams, each one painted differently to represent a different block of the estate or nationality.

The installation will be showcased during the Brixton Design Trail week in a central location, then be transferred to the Loughborough Park Estate, where it would have a permanent place, giving a sense of pride to the individuals and groups involved in the delivery.

Once in its permanent location, it would function as a focal point, where activities like music or readings could play out, or, an area of seating and shelter from the sun on a village green where chance encounters between residents can happen.

It could also host ” Village Green Events” taking full advantage of the flexibility of the structure. These events would be gatherings encouraging people from all walks of life to engage and have chance encounters, and promote cohesion within the community.

(as part of Kindred Spirits)

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