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Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep

Times: 24hr in public realm

Brixton Village Forecourt
Brixton Village and Market Row, SW9 8PS
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In the 70th anniversary year of Windrush, Flotilla by Edible Bus Stop / ZMA Architects represents the journey and tells the story in a series of augmented reality ‘paper’ boats.

The project started as a response to the recent conversations about the Windrush generation and how this directly relates to Brixton and the surrounding area.

Inspired by paper boats, a new series of robust street furniture will tell an important story of the post-war commonwealth migration era.

In addition to the creation of unique street furniture, audio narratives spoken by those of the Windrush generation and their relatives will describe the feelings of Windrush migrants on moving to the UK at the point of arrival: their hopes, fears and excitement about a new life. Augmented reality will be used, inviting visitors to use their own smartphones to listen to these stories.

The project is opening discussions about worldwide migration and how we live in ever-changing society and culture, whether that be Windrush or further afield. 

(as part of Windrush Squared)
About The Edible Bus Stop
The Edible Bus Stop

The Edible Bus Stop is an award-winning landscape architecture and design consultancy. Rooted in Brixton, the Edible Bus Stop has held successful transformative events and installations for Brixton Design Trail in 2016 and 2017, which in turn has created lasting legacies. The organisation explores designs that provide a sense of place by creating landmarks, engaging with the community and starting conversations.

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About Zac Monro Architects
Zac Monro Architects

Zac Monro Architects (ZMA) are an award-winning Brixton-based design firm, rooted in the district but with an international body of work. The architects are known for their private houses, and at the moment they are working on housing schemes and the new theatre spaces coming to Brixton.

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