Botanical Brixton
by Ceres

Event details

Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep

Times: 15th & 16th Sept
10.30 am-12.30 pm: Adults 
3.00 - 5.00 pm: Youth
6.00 - 8.00 pm: Adults + cocktail
11.00 am - 13.00 pm: Adults
3.00 - 5.00 pm: Family


21 Effra Parade, SW2 1PX
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John Purcell Paper
As part of Townhall Textiles

Their workshops will demonstrate how design can be a participatory event for all of the community, a sharing of cultures, and a vision for a sustainable future. They will highlight the links between the plants we eat, and the many colourful cultures and traditions that are part of Brixton today.

Ceres have planned a botanical print bonanza which will feature the screen printing of a collaborative banner. The inks will be made from locally sourced waste plant matter, and spices that evoke Brixton’s rich cultural heritage.


In the workshops Ceres will share information on how they have produced their botanical inks; they will discuss mordants, natural dyes, and colour modifiers. The design process; from initial ideas to producing the imagery to be will be explained, to allow participants to produce their own beautiful prints. Participants will cut a papercut design, or choose one of the pre-made screens that showcase Brixton’s iconic landmarks. They will then print with botanical inks onto the communal banner, and also have the opportunity to print a piece of card with their design to take home.

Date: 15th & 16th September
5 sessions 2 hours workshops

1. Botanical screen-print bonanza workshop: Adults
15 Sept | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
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2. Botanical screen-print bonanza workshop: Youth event 13-18 years
15 Sept | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This workshop is suitable for anyone from the ages of 13 – 18 years.
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3. Botanical screen-print bonanza workshop with cocktails: Adults
15 Sept | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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4. Botanical screen-print bonanza workshop: Adults
16 Sept | 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
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5. Botanical screen-print bonanza workshop: Families
16 Sept | 3:00 am – 5:00 pm

This workshop is suitable for families with children over the age of 8. Children will need to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
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About Ceres

Ceres are a trio of eco-conscious designers; Zoë Burt, Florence Hawkins and Lara Mantell. They have expert knowledge in dyeing and printing natural dyes onto fabric and paper, and extensive experience in hosting creative workshops.