Binki Taylor

Director of BDT

Binki is the lady behind the magic of BDT, a local business owner and life coach who wants to share her passion for strong communities to empower Brixton. Part of the original founding team, she has never been far away from the action.

She started her journey in Brixton Village Market as one of the first wave of creative business owners, putting her at the heart of the community. She was the force behind the ‘We Love Brixton’ campaign back in 2011 responding to the heavy atmosphere that cloaked the streets after the riots. With this newly exposed creative talent becoming part of LDF was a vibrant next step full of opportunity & potential.

Now in it’s 4th year Binki continues to lead the small but dedicated team of creative’s, committee members & volunteers. You’ll find her either in the Brixton Pound of which she is co-chair or in more meetings that we can count. Her hope for the future of BDT is that it continues to get recognised for it’s creativity and positive impact.

Charlie Waterhouse

Charlie Waterhouse

Creative - This ain't rock & roll

Charlie fell in to his life as a Graphic Designer; knowing he wasn’t a 9-5 guy he created his own role, wanting to be a positive force for good inside a world seaming to just selling things. Making a statement on the BDT committee he is the force behind the sense of independents that Brixton has.

The Creative Director at This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll shares his outside the box ambition with BDT. Inspired by the current movement of protest design, which shares tools with causes that have a genuine impact, an ethos close to his work. One of his biggest projects in Brixton to date was the creation of the Brixton Pound local currency.

Phil Dolman

Creative - Dolman bowles

After 30 years of experience delivering innovative, effective design Phil Dolman of dolman-bowles is one of the most experienced and commercially successful of our committee. Being a leader in creative interiors and spatial design meant his attendance at design shows was a given, which gave him an interest in starting one right here at home in Brixton.

A domino of serendipitous calls to action built the original team who created the first BDT installations including the ‘Pavement Rug’, with collaborators Eley Kishimoto, outside the underground. Phil believes in the organic informal design that thrives here on Brixton’s streets. He helps to combat the challenges of hosting a 3-D public event, creating the multi sensory strengths of our unique offering. Ever the practical man he carries a host of much-loved tools and solutions to help BDT continue to grow.

Julia Nichols

Head of PR Squire & Partners

Julia is one of BDT’s organisational saving graces. As the Head of PR for Squire & Partners she contains a wealth of knowledge we couldn’t do without. Starting at Squire & Partners back in 1998 when it was under 30 people and a growing architectural business based in South Kensington and later, Kings Cross. She was handpicking creative collaborators to engage with, creating bespoke results for clients & themselves.

She is from South London, so 2 years ago when she found out the plan for Squire & Partners to move to Brixton she was keen to engage with the creative community here. Joining BDT during 2015 before it was a design route and helping it continue on a shoestring budget.

Margherita Poggiali

Margherita Poggiali

Art director & placemaker

Margherita is an Art director and Designer with a knack for crafting meaningful stories and fixing things. Her work focuses on people’s emotional responses to space and is steeped in collaboration.

With a mixed background in art, anthropology and communication, Margherita has worked for organisations such as Yahoo, the National Trust, Eu-PA and ARUP, designing environments and inventing narratives that engage, inspire, and surprise people. She has also been involved with the Brixton communities, researching the practice of placemaking in London neighbourhoods and delivering ideas and stories that activate social cohesion through participatory experiences and perceptive installations.

Carolyne Hill


A brand specialist, a graphic designer and all round creative who continues to shape thoughtful design projects across the city. Carving her place as a talented advocate for woman of colour inside the London design world whilst working for many recognized high street names. She left the corporate world in January 2016 to set up her own brand ChillCreate.

She call’s herself the ‘original Londoner’, with a proud British and Jamaican heritage. With lots of ties to the Brixton community, we can’t wait to see what she thinks’ up for this years festival.

Gillian Jackson

Gillian Jackson

Head of engagement - Livity

Gillian is head of youth engagement at Livity, the youth-led creative network, which has been based in the heart of Brixton for the past 16 years. She is the lynchpin behind Livity’s huge variety of youth programmes, which help to train the next generation of talent. As an ambassador for young people, she often devotes her time inside and outside of work to helping them with personal and business endeavours, inspiring confidence, connecting them to businesses and highlighting opportunities for them. A Brixton born resident, she has lived in Lambeth for her entire life, and is a passionate and vocal member of the community. She is excited to bring her long-standing relationships with business owners, youth partners, and young people to BDT.

In 2017, Gillian ran the incredibly successful Love Power event for Brixton Design Trail, which helped provide a platform for young people to participate in a fashion and music showcase. This year, she will focus on building awareness and engagement with Brixton Design Trail among a wider youth audience.

Sarah Henderson - Rocketship

Sarah Henderson

Creative - Rocketship

Sarah, one half of Rocketship a boutique design agency based right here in Brixton, holds the pencil behind the BDT brand itself and channeling her long and varied creative career experience in to helping Brixton stand out alongside our fellow Design Districts & as part of LDF as a whole.

With a distinguished career and a mentor to those just starting out she is a vital part of the on the ground team. A familiar face to touch base on everything Brixton related and is greeted warmly by lots of the ‘shop around the corner’ businesses we all cherish.

Kat McSweeney

Partnerships & funding

Kat is a marketing, communications and strategy freelancer and has been supporting Binki in the stakeholder engagement, identifying and securing partnerships, corporate sponsorship and in-kind support and project funding for BDT.

Kat was a long term resident in Brixton, even though she now lives elsewhere but her heart is still here and wants to see Brixton thrive.

Ingrid Wright

Project Assistant

Ingrid is the Marketing & Communications Lead for Brixton BID and works within the Brixton Design Trail. Ingrid has a degree in Fashion Image and Communication and is working to ensure the success of our upcoming renewal ballot.

A local Tulse Hill girl who is the bright spark behind Binki our curator when it comes to all things organisational whilst also a trained designer with a fashionable flair. With strong views for the community and lots of dreams for the future find her enjoying all the best local haunts of Brixton.

Anna Le touze

Social Media Manager

Anna is a long standing local from Josephine Avenue who rediscovered Brixton after having a child and is now retraining to run exciting social media campaigns like BDT’s.

A vital lady behind the computer with a real stake in how the community grows and it’s future.

Luke Forsythe

Official Photographer

Luke is a London based director and photographer with a connection to everyday enjoyment, recording ‘normal’ life that is never average especially in Brixton.

He is capturing our vibrant artists, installations and general thrum of activity.