Answers to your questions

We are sure you have questions about Brixton Design Trail, hopefully we have the answers you are looking for. However, if you can’t find the information you need then please drop us an email.

What is the London Design Festival?

London Design Festival plays a major role London’s creative season, alongside London Fashion Week, Frieze Art Fair and London Film Festival. Established in 2003, the festival celebrates and promotes London as the world’s design capital and provides a gateway to the international design community.

The Festival has now established a reputation as one of the largest and most inspirational design events in the world. This year  over 500 events and installations will be on offer across the capital, with a full programme of activity at the V&A, landmark projects throughout the city. Plus over 300 events within partner districts across London of which Brixton Design Trail is one.

How does Brixton Design Trail connect to the London Design Festival?

Brixton Design Trail is one of the London Design Festivals 7 districts. As a district we benefit from full promotion of our event programme, key partners and sponsors on the London Design Festival website from mid-july and in the essential festival handbook with a distribution of 60,000. The London Design Festival website has over 250,000 users and had an enormous 1.7 million views in 2016. We are also connected to and promoted through London Design Festival’s extensive social and PR channels.

In 2016 the Festival attracted an audience of over 375,000 people from over 75 countries, with a wider audience of over 1m visitors

Do I have to pay to register an event for Brixton Design Trail?

No entries for Brixton Design Trail are free

Do I have to pay to register a headline event?

Brixton Design Trail funds 15 headline entries (London Design Festival partner status) for London Design Festival. You can be part of Brixton Design Trail and self-fund your entry.

Can I enter more than one event?

If you have the capacity to make it happen, and can adhere to the criteria you can enter up to 2 events

Does my event have to be in Brixton?

All events need to be within easy walking distance of each other and preferably close to the town centre.  As Brixton Design Trail is a trail there is some leeway.  Please email us if you are in any doubt.

I have a creative idea but how can I find a partner/support with it

Let us know what/who you need and we will put it out to the network

How can I be involved other than by creating an event?

They are other ways to be involved with Brixton Design Trail even if you don’t have an idea.  You can Volunteer, Host or Sponsor. We are always to suggestions so please email if you are not sure.

I have a great idea but no money - what should I do?

It is essential that you have the capacity to fund your as Brixton Design Trail does not fund projects. Please see following question for links to potential sources of funding

Where can I apply for funding?

There are various art grants, sponsorship and groups that you can apply for funding. For example:

  • Grants for Arts by the Art Council. It is a rolling programme for funding creatives and organsiations involved in creative activities. There is a 6 week application process for grants up to 15K.  It is highly competitive and is currently funding 35% of applications. Brixton Design Trail can connect you with a relationship advisor BUT please make sure you have read the website and guidelines and that you have a serious idea to discuss.
  • Brixton Pound Bonus award. Brixton Pound Bonus Fund opens on April 1st. Please go to the website for full information before applying.

When will my event be listed on the website?

All events will be visible on the website by Friday 8th September 2017