by Sam Furness & Toni Hollis

Did you know there is an Arabic word for the kind of conversation you have in the evening as the sun sets? Or that there is a Spanish word for the flowing conversation around the dinner table after everyone has finished eating?

UNTRANSLATION is an installation that explores and celebrates the many languages spoken in Brixton. In lexicons worldwide, words exist that are untranslatable to the English language. Not any old words either. Magic words that seemingly have the power and ability to express and define complex emotions and situations which we all feel but have not developed the vocabulary to express in English with a singular word.

This installation will take over the flag filled rafters of the iconic Brixton Village and Market Row spaces and transform them into a cultural design dictionary, bursting with unique words and their meanings from countries all around the world. Each untranslatable word will be set against a flag design inspired by the visual culture and design history of the country that language belongs too.

UNTRANSLATION offers a design perspective on how different cultures see and interpret the world.

Love is understanding. Love is power.

Event dates:

16 – 24 Sept


8am – 11.30pm


Brixton Village & Market Row, SW9 8PS

Free event:



Brixton Village & Market Row

About Sam Furness & Toni Hollis

UNTRANSLATION is a collaboration between graphic designer Toni Hollis and artist Sam Furness.

With a background in Fine Art, Toni fuses graphic design with hand crafted and illustrative elements to create work that feels sleek but also full of artistry and character.

Sam is the thinker, doer and maker behind newly launched creative online space, Channel Twelve, a platform that produces projects which aim to kick start imaginations and inspire minds into bold creative action.


Toni Hollis & Sam Furness




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