Brixton Design Trail - Love is power

16-24 SEPT 2017

Brixton Design Trail is a collaborative creative network that provides a platform for showcasing a wealth of homegrown talent during the London Design Festival. We have a mission to place design and creativity in the public realm making it accessible for the whole community to enjoy.

This year’s theme:

Love is a powerful act of will –  It is the consistently powerful communication of acceptance, a celebration of difference and requires us to step into the world of another in order to really find our own truth.  At a time when love seems lost, if not missing entirely from people’s lives due to the obstacles many of us face through ‘austerity’ and our continuing socio-economic struggles.

The spirit of Brixton is the ideal climate to create a revolution of positivity and kindness. As a community we are both ‘lover’ and ‘fighter’ and more than ever we need to harness this energy to bind the community and combat the forces of negativity that stand to envelope us.

We challenge you to dig deep and create bold and passionate ideas that will ignite our theme of love with the same visceral power as a loud protest chant and flaming molotov cocktail.